Natural Linen and Cotton Curtains


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Natural Linen and Cotton Curtains

Bring a natural and organic atmosphere to your home with a set of curtains in the style of Rustic Chic Decor made of natural materials.

Product details

     Material: natural fiber mix: Linen with cotton insert

     Light filtration: semi-transparent 

     Lining or support included: no

     Parts included: Set of 1/2 curtains and 1/2 side fasteners

     Washing method: Rinse in water up to 40 degrees 



Material: Mix of natural fibers

Product Type: Curtains

Light filtration type: Semi-Transparent

Color: Gray or Beige

Parts included in the set: 1/2 curtains and 1/2 side fasteners

Clamping system included: Yes

Clamping type: Galerie rod (Standard) Optional: multifunctional rig

Washing methods: Can be washed at 40 degrees

Safe for ironing / dressing: Yes

Clamping rod Included: No.

Accessories Included: 1/2 textile side fasteners.

Location: It is recommended to use indoors 

Country of origin: Romania

How do we order?

The curtains can be ordered to the required dimensions directly from our online store considering the following aspects:

  • the Width and Height of the set of curtains, not of the glass, will be added
  • select the desired option: Set of curtains or One curtain for the window
  • as standard, the curtains are provided with a channel for the 8 cm gallery bar or textile straps, if you want a universal sewn rehearsal, select the Rejoin option

To measure the curtain requirements, please consider the following aspects:

Curtain width

On the width it is recommended to measure the length of the Gallery / Rail (possibly you can also measure the width of the glass + a minimum of 30 cm to 60 cm if the gallery was not mounted) multiplied by a coefficient of at least 1.5 to 3 depending on the sea part of the desired volume

Curtain height

The height of the curtain is measured above the gallery retaining rod and below the rail for the multifunctional rejance. In height as standard we have three types of curtains 1.5 cm above the sill, 15-20 cm under the sill and 1.5 cm above the floor.

For measurement details and recommendations do not hesitate to contact us using the WhatsApp button on the page.

Attention, in case of widths of the curtain segments greater than 150 cm!

Perdelele si draperiile cu lățimi mai mari decât cele de mai sus se fabrica prin adăugiri laterale de material.

Manufacturing time 1-7 days, delivery time 1-3 days.

 What are semi-transparent curtains: Semi-transparent curtains offer a little more privacy than standard transparent curtains. They do not block sunlight, but prevent visibility from the outside, are more opaque in their coloring to reduce transparency.

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